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Welcome to! Here you will learn everything about the Bulgarian capital. We want to accompany you on your trip around the city, whether you are moving, you are on vacation, you are visiting for a few days or even if you are an elderly person and want to be surprised. Even we will show you Offers Waiter's job with accommodation!
Despite being a small city that can be explored on foot, it has a special charm. The capital of the Balkan nation of Bulgaria is located in the west of the country, under the Vitosha mountain. The city's iconic sites reflect more than 2,000 years of history, including occupations by the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and Soviets.
Boyana's medieval church has frescoes from the 13th century. Built by the Romans in the 4th century, the Rotunda Church of Saint George has medieval and Ottoman decoration dating back to the 10th century. We are here to bring you thousands of posts about their culture, so you have this city in the palm of your hand. So take advantage of them to live this experience! Don't know where to eat? Well, we have a list of restaurants that you cannot miss if you want to live the best possible experience. A section of maps and guides to save you the typical I get lost. We also recommend where to stay, with information on hotel locations, package prices and reviews.
What to do, what to visit, what and where to buy... this is the least you will find on this site, because everything is everything and this is what we will offer you. At, we have created this website as complete as possible to enrich your experience in the capital and so that, when you leave here, you leave with the best possible taste in your mouth, so that you come back, of course. In this way, you can stay with us, enjoy our updates and keep up to date with what is happening and how the tourism, trade and service sectors in Sofia are developing.
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